PAREF Southridge Celebrated Its Grandest Father's Day on Saturday, 4 February 2017

3 February 2017

True to the promise of this year’s organizers of FATHER’S DAY, the High School Student Council led by its Chairman Teo Eugenio, the celebration was indeed one of the grandest and well-attended Father’s Days ever! Dubbed EARTH’S MIGHTIEST DADS, Men of Steel and Integrity in honor of the amazing Southridge fathers, it had for its theme the Mighty Superheroes, as only Dads could be! Held on 4 February 2017, the day began with a Holy Mass at 8:00 AM in the Holy Family Chapel of Southridge. Opening ceremonies with the grand Morning Parade happened at 10:00 AM with the all-time favourite Tug-of-War “epic” battle between the two Houses, HELM and VINTA at 11:00 AM! Sports and other games took place right after with the classic encounter between the Southridge Varsity Team and the All-Star Alumni Team in a crowd-drawer exhilarating Basketball Goodwill Game at 12:30 PM. Southridge talents entertained the crowd at lunchtime with the sumptuous food and drinks offered offered by choice concessionaires. Big fun ensued in the afternoon as everyone witnessed live performances by Southridge’s very own (inasmuch as two of the four members are proud Southridge alumni, Paul Yap and Carlos Tañada!) UpDharmaDown at 3:00 PM. Excitement escalated at 6:00 PM in the unfolding of the Night Parade and Field Demo, a truly mesmerizing tableau of songs and dances by all the Southridge Admirals (students) and joined in by a number of fathers, in their, what else, superhero costumes!!! The evening was capped by the performances of guest-artists Jess Connelly at 8:00 PM, Curtismith at 8:45 PM, then finally MYMP at 9:15 PM! This year’s Father’s Day was indeed a blast!

And this year’s victorious Team/House? HELM!